More Milestones

Paul made some more milestones.  Yesterday he went over the 500 mile point.  He’ll start tomorrow with 509 miles under his belt.  It was his 50th day on the trail.  And he finished New Jersey!  

New Jersey was a bit of a surprise.  I never knew how wild it could be.  Paul was told repeatedly that New Jersey had the most black bears per square mile of anywhere on the AT.  There were signs on all of the shelters warning of high bear and rattlesnake activity.  That gave me nightmares.  Aside from the bears we saw in Shenandoah, we’ve only seen one other bear.  That guy was in Pennsylvania and he was huge.  Luckily we were in the car driving back to our campsite.  I’m sure Paul was not too anxious to get back on the trail after that.  But he did it.

New Jersey is known for its boardwalks.  Not just the one in Atlantic City either.  That first picture is of a fancy entrance to a boardwalk.  The AT criss crosses several swamps and boggy areas.  Some of the boardwalks are fairly primitive.  He made good time on those.  There were still a bunch of rock scrambles that slowed him down, but nothing like Pennsylvania.

The obelisk is in High Point State Park.  It had amazing views.  The best views in New Jersey were in Waywayanda State Park at the top of the Stairway to Heaven.

I left Paul on his own for a few days when I went to Texas to attend my nephew’s graduation ceremony.  He was in good hands. He met Bob who is a retired teacher.  Bob now runs a shuttle for AT hikers.  He also maintains a 14 mile portion of the trail by High Point State Park.  His section is meticulously maintained and well marked.  For any hikers from Delaware Gap to the Hudson River, Bob’s your guy.

Looking forward to taking on New York.

7 thoughts on “More Milestones

    • Devin–you are amazing!! I read your blog. First, what a kind and generous person you are. I love that you are dedicating your hike to fundraising and helping the students at UVA. Then there is your superhuman speed. How did you do 150 miles in 5 days. Good Lord!

      I hope I do get to meet Mantis out there. I think I’m going to have to drive to Connecticut to catch you.

      Thanks for the boost you gave to Paul today. It’s nice to have a hiking partner for a period, especially after tackling the Lemon Squeezer.

      Godspeed, Mantis!


  1. Bob Boyle (Shamrock) says:

    Sorry I missed you Wife on the Trail. Had some good conversations with the hiker guy. Will be following you as you travel north. Glad you liked NJ.


  2. Beverly Flach says:

    Finally able to check in. We met Mr Nature a couple of times. First when we camped beside a stream, we also meet you. He passed us again much later. Glad to see he is still moving on and especially glad to see that you have become a trail angel. We are slow enough we may not see you again but we send you our best.
    The Wanna Bs.
    Bob and Beverly


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