Kindred Spirits

Look who we found in our campground.  They are the only other couple that I’ve met that are doing a supported hike like we are.  The only difference is they are headed south.  

Bet you can guess their trail names. Scamp & Lady (Paula) are from Lufkin, Texas.  They decided to start in Connecticut and head south.  We are crossing paths at the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border.  Like us, they have maps taped to the walls of the trailer. Unlike us, they planned everything out in advance.  Which is great for us since Paula shared her tips on great RV locations up north.  The one in Maine sounds awesome.  The owner is a Lobsterman and he will deliver fresh caught lobster to your RV.  Love that.

How adorable is that trailer!  Believe it or not it sleeps two, has a stovetop, mini fridge and a bathroom with a shower.  Paula designed all the graphics on the trailer (they are inside too).  It is so cozy.

See that look on Scamp’s face.  It is the look of pure bliss.  You know why?  He decided that he was done with the trail.  Done. Finito. Stick a fork in it, done.  He hiked a hundred miles and knew that it was not what he wanted to do.  It is so much harder than you can imagine.  He put enough time into it to know.  Why punish yourself any more.  

I caught them as they were packing up his hiking gear to send home.  They are going to stay out on the road and continue to explore and maybe take day hikes.  That stills sounds fun to me.  And they did better than 90% of the people because they actually made it to the trail.  

Take another look at that face.  That is the look of someone at peace with their decision.  Knowing when to quit:  That takes wisdom.

One thought on “Kindred Spirits

  1. Kristine Aaron-Jacobi says:

    Hi Susan and Paul. Loving the updates on your blog. Sorry the weather sucked but looks like it is nicer now. You aren’t missing anything here. May gray. Driving us crazy. Finally glimpse of sun today!

    Going to the north park festival this weekend. Looking forward to some art music and of course craft beers. Wish you were here.

    Sounds like you both are doing great. Keep up the updates. Some interesting people you have met for sure. What an awesome experience this is.


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