It’s a Good Day for Some Magic

Lots to celebrate today.  First, we are finally done with Rocksylvania.    Paul crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey.  We were greeted with gorgeous blue skies and not a drop of rain today.  Woohoo!
I was a big wienie today.  I was going to walk across the bridge with Paul and get a picture as he crossed from PA to NJ.  I opted out because the bridge freaked me out because there was so little room between the trucks on I80 on the one side and the perilous plunge into the river on the other.  Paul has done so much scary stuff on this trip and I chickened out over walking across a bridge. Sigh.

I did hop in the car and met him on the other side.  We got to hike together for a little while.

During my exploring today I ran into Sunflower & Gimmee Shelter. They are a couple who used to live in Manhattan but now live in Pagosa Springs, CO.  They were a wealth of information about the area and gave us some great advice on places to stay.  They knew I belonged to Mr Nature when they saw the California license plates.  Some folks have started calling me Mother Nature because my partner is Mr. Nature.  I think that is pretty funny.

Back at our campsite I met a couple who is doing what we are doing, but in the opposite direction.  They merit a post all their own, which I’ll do tomorrow. They also shared a ton of information with me that will help our travels farther north.

Paul had a good time on the hike.  More accurately, he had a less sucky day on the trail.  He bumped into some veterans and they hiked together for about 4 miles.  The lead guy did the entire AT over 4 years.  His big advice was to stay in the huts in New Hampshire.

When I picked up Paul this evening he was waiting with a hiker named Booty (I have no idea).  Booty started in Georgia and is really moving.  I have never seen anyone enjoy our box of treats so much.  He had one of everything. Seriously if you could see the looks on the hikers’ faces when you give them an apple or a Pepsi, you would understand why I like doing the Trail Magic so much.

On our way back to the RV we were flagged down by some lost hikers.  They were day hikers from Philly.  They got completely turned around.  When we figured out where they needed to be we realized that they were 6 miles away from their car.  So we gave them a ride.  Hitchhiking is very common on the trail but these two didn’t plan on needing a ride.  They were sooo grateful.  Wish I had gotten their names because they were such a cute couple.

Overall a good day.  I promise to post more often and to catch up on some past posts that are rattling around in my head.  Thanks for following along.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Good Day for Some Magic

  1. The Kittatinny Point Visitors Center in New Jersey is 432.8 miles from where you started in Rockfish Gap, Virginia. Well done! More importantly, new state, more sunshine: drive on!
    Love, Anne


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