A Man for all Seasons

Let’s talk about the weather.  As you can see by Paul’s fashionable ensemble, he got all 4 seasons in one day.  Seems appropriate for our last day in Pennsylvania.
When I dropped him off this morning it was sunny, but a little windy.  He opted to wear shorts.  It never really warmed up.  In fact it got colder and started to rain (no big surprise since it has rained on us virtually every day we were in PA). The big surprise was when he sat down for lunch it started to snow.  It’s May 15th people!  

We come from the land of Endless Summer.  This Spring for us has been an endless bummer.  Well I guess the truth is that Spring is just doing what it does–act like a moody teenager.  It’s been so long since I’ve experienced the rain, winds, & crazy temperature changes that I forgot how trying it can be.  And I’m not the one walking in it.

That being said, this year is different.  You can definitely tell we are in an El Niño year.  The locals are saying that it has been colder longer than usual with far more rain than usual.  I read a hiker’s blog from a couple of years ago and he was complaining about how miserably hot it was this time of year here.  I guess you get what you get.  

Hopefully this weather will keep the bears and bugs of New Jersey at bay.

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