Leap of Faith

This is Paul on Day 1.  He’s excited and motivated.  He’s trained for months and he was ready to roll.

It was 27 degrees.  The National Park Service had a sign up that said “breezy”.  Blustery is a more accurate word. 

I dropped him at Rockfish Gap at the southern entrance to Shenandoah National Park.  He immediately had a monster climb. I hung out long enough until I could not see him anymore.  I said a little prayer and left.

I went to St John the Evangelist in Waynesboro, VA for church.  They have an energetic priest named Father Rolondo aka Rolo.  His sermon was about Doubting Thomas.  He said that Thomas is no different than most of us.  That we all need to take a leap of faith and trust God’s plan.  Too frequently we let Life get in the way of Living.  Go out and live the life you’ve been given.

Guess that was the sign I needed not to worry about Paul.  If anyone knows how to live life to the fullest, it’s my guy.

One thought on “Leap of Faith

  1. Dedee (Wreay) Panayis says:

    I was hoping you would do a blog so I could experience this adventure also. Paul, I prayer that God is with you during this leap of faith. One day I hope to be able to hike the AT. Please be safe and I’m looking forward to the rest of the story. Easter Bunny you have a difficult task of waiting everyday on Paul to appear. May God be with you and give you strength also.

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