About the blog

We’re back!  Sorry to get you hyped up about the hike and then suddenly we go dark.  We’ve had a monumental amount happen in the last ten days.  About the time we hit a no cell area.  

Paul is off and hiking and doing great.  We will fill you in on the details soon.  

What we’ve learned is that this blog cannot be real time.  A surprising amount happens each day.  We are still getting our systems worked out.  We are pretty much in synch, if you don’t count yesterday when I miscalculated by 2 miles and left Paul standing on side of the road.  Fortunately our backup systems are working.  

We have a ton to tell you so don’t be surprised if you get multiple posts one day and then nothing for 3 days.  That’s how we are going to roll.

I also want this to be more than just an accounting of the hike:  “Day 89–still walking”.  You will probably have to put up with my musings and field trips to anything of historical interest with follow up commentary.  Paul has already met some interesting characters.  Today was the first day that I met a thru hiker younger than Paul.  You go, retired guys!

So I will end with a picture of us on the AT in front of the classic trail marker:  the white blaze. Looks more like “Kilroy was here” since we stink at selfies and my hands were frozen at the time.   It’s just to prove that the wife actually made it on the trail.   


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